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Cute Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions

Pooper scooper service is a thing?

It sure is! Our clients come from all stages and walks of life. Some find it difficult to bend down and clean up after their dog while others appreciate spending their free time doing non-dooty related deeds.

Why not use the lawnmower to clean it up?

Two good reasons come to mind. The first is that when a lawnmower drives over a pile, the waste is smooshed down below the grass line where it waits for some unexpecting bare foot to find it. Secondly don't think of lawnmowers as vacuums, think of them as blenders. So while the pet waste may be out of sight, it really has just been spread around everywhere.

Awesome, free fertilizer!

Unfortunately dog waste is not the same as cow waste. Cows have a plant based diet and take more time digesting their food. Dogs eat food high in protein and as a result their waste is more acidic which is no good for grass or plants. Additionally just one gram of dog waste can contain 23 million bacteria, and don't get me started on the potential for parasites. The EPA classifies dog waste as a non-point source pollutant. This is the same class of pollutants as herbicides/pesticides and when it gets into our ponds, lakes and storm water system it can do damage.  

Ew, so what do you do with all the poop?

We follow the guidelines laid down by the EPA & the Clean Water Act. After hauling the waste away we package and dispose of it per those guidelines. SWFL is a beautiful place and we want to do our part to keep it that way for both the people and animals that live here.

Can you deodorize the area where my dog goes?

Yup, we can apply a spray that acts as a deodorizer and leaves behind a smear free look. Our mixture has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties while being both dog and grass safe, just ask us for a quote.

How often do you come out to scoop?

That is entirely up to you! Some clients find that once a week works for them while others prefer to have the waste picked up more often. We do require at least one cleaning per week though, both for the sake of the homeowner and the environment.

How do I pay you?

We send an itemized monthly invoice to your email and you can easily pay via credit or debit card. We also offer payment via Zelle and of course we accept checks and cash. 

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