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Cane Toad - Bufo marinus - also known as a giant neotropical or marine toad.  Native to Ce

Residential Cane Toad Removal

Cane Toad.jpg

Cane Toads (aka Bufo Toads) emit a bufotoxin from their shoulder glands that can be potentially deadly to dogs and outdoor cats. They are invasive to SWFL and can do considerable damage to our wildlife.  

We walk your yard, scooping up toads as we go. This is a bi-weekly service that is performed at night when the adults are most active.  

An important part of our service is toad identification, making sure that we are only removing Cane Toads and not the friendly southern toad. When done, we haul away all of the offending toads with us.


 $70/visit with no contract required. Community not willing to hire a trapper? We work with residents who want to pull resources and service their entire community.

Cane Toad in your propane well? We typically can offer same day service without any emergency surcharges. 

Treks with grass use this one (wecompres

We will provide feedback on factors around your home that may be causing an increase in the number of cane toads.

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