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Residential Pooper Scooper Services

No need to be home for our visits. We arrive on a set day of the week and when done we haul everything away so you don't have a stinky trashcan.

Ask about our smear away  service that eliminates smells and leaves behind a beautiful lawn. 

Plans start at $18/visit.

We also have plans for large yards and those who would like multiple visits per week. 

Dogs are the best part of the job, so feel free to let your little ones out when we get to your home. All ear rubs are complimentary!

Rest assured that our equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each use. We arrive at your place squeaky clean and ready to work.

Should we discover anything of concern while servicing your yard, we will be in instant contact to keep you in the loop on your dog's health.

We work in almost all weather conditions, a little rain won't stop us.

Treks with grass use this one (wecompres
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