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Cane Toads (aka Bufo Toads) emit a bufotoxin from their shoulder glands that can be potentially deadly to dogs and outdoor cats. They are non-native to SWFL and have done considerable damage to our wildlife.  

We walk your yard, scooping up toads as we go. This service is done twice a month or more. To ensure that we catch as many Cane Toads as possible, this service is performed at night. 

An important part of our service is toad identification, making sure that we are only removing Cane Toads and not the friendly southern toad. When done, we haul away all of the offending toads with us.

Plans start at the following:

2 visits per month = 120

3 visits per month = 175

4 visits per month = 230

We also have solutions for HOA and apartment communities to help reduce their presence throughout the entire neighborhood. Ask how we can help.

Treks with grass use this one (wecompres

We are happy to provide feedback on factors around your home that may be causing an increase in the number of cane toads.